Stoo·dee·ow Sur·puhn·teen

Taking inspiration from that, snakes are symbolic of rebirth. They shed an old version of themselves. For us rebirth of yourself or the world around us takes a lot of courage and risk taking. That can be unnerving and full of doubt - on the flip side can be so thrilling and innovative. For both options -  always such a unique experience to have. The ability to consciously articulate the rebirth and reimagination of the world around you.

Softening our separation from the natural world through thoughtful design.

Melissa is an artist and the practice reflects this. Studio Serpentine’s design practice is at all scales from the door handle to the spatial dimensions.

At Studio Serpentine design is sourced from the immediacy of contact with the world around us. Warmth radiates on to our skin from a wall engineered to capture and hold the sun’s energy long after sunset. A plant stand with thick metal roots might in our imagination be eroding the floorboards to remind us of nature’s constant entropy.

The spaces and objects are designed to bring life to the person’s imagination. They are inanimate spaces and objects that poke back. They activate wonder, pull at our heartstrings, and create an emotional experience.

Based in Los Angeles, Studio Serpentine works within and outside of city boundaries. It’s a vibrant creative practice where it’s a design studio and fabrication shop while having connection to the community of creators in the Los Angeles area. All tools are used to reimagine how we live.

The process of creating isn’t linear, rather, I compare it to walking toward a destination with curious eyes.
I spent much of my childhood outside. I noticed the beauty of wheat, rivulets in streams, and with a curious eye took in all the contours of the Kansas countryside near my home. That time instilled a lasting impression of the power of observation and how design can capture and emulate those profound experiences of wonder and curiosity. I founded Serpentine Studio 2022 in order to articulate and share those experiences that I felt by recreating objects and spaces that poke back.

Based in Los Angeles.
Softening our separation from the natural world through thoughtful design.

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