Life is fragile with the illusion of security.

An ice house was built and was melted down from the inside.

Impermanence is a temporary performance structure that visualizes these themes. The four walls are made of ice and a fire was built in the middle to slowly burn it down. This project was inspired by the sudden and unexpected death of my partner.  I realized that I had an association of security over something that was not in my control.  I was devistated and left with the feeling of not taking time for granted.

The location and materials were chosen to bring meaning to the theme. The walls of ice are protecting the surrounding grass prairie from the fire within the ice house, but the ice house is slowly melting away lessening its protection.

The four walls were made from molds and frozen overnight in the landscape. After freezing, the walls were tilted up and the weight of the walls leaning on each other provided the support.

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Based in Los Angeles.
Softening our separation from the natural world through thoughtful design.

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